DACC Projects are put in place to help implement the DACC Agenda. Such projects are designed to be specific, measurable, realistic and achievable within a specified period OF time. There are two major types of projects specific to our mission and vision. The Domestic Project: implemented within the state of Delaware. International Project: Implemented in the continent of Africa/Caribbean

Domestic Projects

Covers the 5 point pillar of DACC Agenda:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Economiс
  • Socio-cultural
  • Legal/immigration

Each agenda is coordinated by a chair who ensures timely delivery and accountability of such a project.

Domestic Projects

International Projects

  • DACC in partnership with foundations, state agencies and organizations advances it's mission and vision to rural areas of Africa and the Caribbean continent in other to be more resilient and effectively position the continent for growth and development
  • The strategic initiatives focus mostly on health promotion, agriculture and economic growth
  • Such projects also open bilateral relationship between the State of Delaware and the Continents

The first project is currently being coordinated in Gambia called DACC Gambia Project.

International  Projects